Many parents used to suppress their own desire into the child who has been growing up. But this is not the right thing that you must do with your child. As a parent you must get to know what your child wants and what your child does not. If you do not read the minds of your child then what will you do in the future. Remember the one fact that your child is growing and he/she has the knowledge that what is wrong and what is right. In the Adult you must be the best friend not the guide or the strict principal.

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Fathers are great friend of their daughter

As a father what you have to do is to become the best friend of your daughter. There are many things that your daughter wants to share with you. But if you are strict then she has to suppress all these things. Don’t let your daughter do that. As a responsible father you must be the guide that she has been longing for. You must know what she wants and what are the things that she wants to know from you. Give your support and be the father.

As a mother help your son with the suggestions

Mothers are always special to sons. They share more information to their mother than anyone else. From being the talks of love to the way he wants to settle in life everything has been shared by the sons to their mother. In this way as a mom you must be the one whom your child can share anything and everything. It has been found that many mothers used to tell their husbands about the things that have been shared by their son. But don’t do that. You should give advice to all the problems that has been shared by your son and try to solve it in the light way.

Parenting must be done in the friendly manner

When you are parenting an Adult child the first thing that you have to remember is that you have to be his/her friend. If you do not become the friend of your child then you will not get to know of the things that have been needed by your child. If you do the parenting in the friendly manner you can easily get to know of him/her and what are the things that has been in need.

Just follow the steps that has been presenting here. As a parent you will feel the pleasure and also get to know your child better. This also helps in strengthening the good relationship between three of you.